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Queen Must Go On

tribute band

…do you want to remind hits and compositions of the most famous pop-rock band Queen?

Queen Must Go On is still here!

Queen Must Go On perform a great show of the most famous hits of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Musicians from the Czech Republic convincingly handle the manuscripts of the legendary band. Headed by a great representative of Freddie, they easily make listeners sing, drawing them into the atmosphere of the performance, and induce a pleasant mood of the British band within a few moments.

They successfully perform not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe.


In 1995, a singer Pavel Maršík, for whom F.Mercury’s style of singing has always been an example, founded a band The Queen Tribute. After the first concerts in the Czech Republic an international engagement soon appeared. The group performed in European cities such as Nürnberg (D), Zürich (CH), Linz (A), Vicenza (I) etc.

After 2008, the members devoted their time to their own projects and the band paused for a while.

In 2018, the singer meets with a drummer Zdeněk Koubek and they resume activities of the group.


Since 1980, the singer Pavel Maršík has acted for a longer period in Sirael and Trilobit bands, which he also founded. After 1990, a rockier period came, when in the bands Next, Funky Parliament, Taknatudu and Extremia he set out on a not easy journey - to a singing of quite sophisticated artrock parts he added a bass guitar and other instruments. In Queen's music, Pavel finds everything he likes - rock music with rich harmonies, melodies and rhythms. He always admired F.Mercury's voice and performing style, which he is trying to get closer to.

Slaven Janić is invited as a guitarist. He was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he studied harmonica and guitar. From the age of 12, Slavan played in a well-known Yugoslavian band and choir Mostar Kiš, with whom he has performed throughout Europe for 10 years. At the same time, he was a member and founder of a regionally well-known Pop-Rock band Otisak Srca. After coming to the Czech Republic Slavan was composing songs for the Croatian music market. He recorded or assisted in recording in studios to various bands, for which reason he often left to Croatia. In 2017, together with Pavel Maršík, he founded Extremia duo, in which they play to the present.

Zdeněk Koubek plays drums. He graduated from the Prague Conservatory and performed in various symphonic orchestras (FOK, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) as well as bands Taknatudu - Michal Pavlík / Čechomor, Doktor PP, Zdeněk Bína, The Vision etc. Zdeněk is a founder of a famous drum show Wild Sticks. Since 2016 he plays in a band JAM4U.

Jiří Výborný, a player seasoned across all musical genres, plays the bass guitar. He is a graduate of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and now teaches at the Conservatory in České Budějovice. We can hear him in bands Výborný trio, Unicorngroup (on bass) and Gentlamen (on electric guitar).

A multi-instrumentalist and singer Martin Dolanský, plays the keys. He is a graduate of the Elementary Art School in Český Krumlov, co-founder of the original project Hrajeto, where he acts as an accordion player and singer (both solo and vocal). Among other things, Martin plays keys in many projects of various genres, from brass to metal.